Aside from composition, Mason is a notable copyist, transcriber and orchestrator. He has been noted for his speed and expertise in formatting and detail. Some examples include...

charting reel

Hiromi Uehara's 'Places to Be' for solo piano. Mason was commissioned to transcribe this piece for a performance in Calgary by Prix Goyer winner Philip Chiu. Mason was asked to transcribe the entire performance- from the chord voicings in the beginning rubato section, to the blazing 16th note lines in the solo. (Hear example at 1:18)

Whuzzawaltz MRE 12 2016 - Transposed Sco
Whuzzawaltz MRE 12 2016 - Transposed Sco

Mason Victoria's 'Whuzzawaltz' for jazz orchestra. Mason composed this piece for his large ensemble, The Sonuskapos Jazz Orchestra. Various pieces written for his orchestra have been picked up, performed by and rearranged for jazz orchestras in Toronto, Calgary, New York, Los Angeles and Japan.  The following score is an excerpt of the piece.

Mason has been asked to transcribe a variety of unique and difficult solos and cadenzas. One example is the trumpet cadenza in Trumpet Concerto Op. 18 performed by Giuliano Soemmerhalder. Mason was tasked to listen to the free cadenza and transcribe it for reading. Since the cadenza does not have a set tempo or time signature, the transcription was interpreted in the most feasible way.

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